About Us

You've probably had it happen before. You know you fell behind on payments maybe for your school bill, possibly for your credit card, a medical bill or something else you owed money for but were unable to pay on its due date. Often when an organization hasn't received a payment due from someone who owes them, they will turn over their accounts receivable to a collection agency to handle the debt collection. There are ways to make sure the debt collection agency doesn't abuse their collection methods by adhering to the law that governs them, but ultimately the only way to stop them is to pay off what you owe. When you're in need of a little emergency cash to do so, our company Port St. Lucie Title Finance is here to help.

How It Works

There's often several ways people choose to go about paying off debt if they find themselves burdened by the collectors. Usually they'll take on another job first to try to have more money available. If they have no choice but to borrow money immediately, they'll usually head to the bank to see if they can get any help there. But all too often they will go ask friends or family members to help them out when things get very tight. Now these are all good ways to help build up more savings, but they still have their limits.

Getting a second job is probably necessary in many cases, but as with all new jobs, it could still be a few weeks before you see your paycheck. And on top of that, you're likely to become even more tired and stressed. Going to the bank may be a good idea if they offer any small emergency loans, but sadly most banks don't offer these, and the loans they do offer can be a headache to get if you even qualify for them. Friends or family may be the best option yet for emergency borrowing, but not everyone has friends or family that are in a position to help them financially. But even if they can help you, there is always a risk of damaging your relationships if money comes between you and them. But we offer something different at Port St. Lucie Title Finance in our vehicle title loans Port St. Lucie that you won't find in a lot of other loans.

Car title loans in Florida are a way you can borrow money that won't require you to suffer through cold lectures or long questions from a loan officer at a bank, and you won't put any of your personal relationships in jeopardy. But they also come with these benefits:

1. You can borrow money even if you've had bad credit or defaults in the past

2. It's possible to get approved and receive your funds the exact same day

3. You don't have to explain what you're going to do with the loan; you just have to follow the repayment agreement

Car title loans have been used by many people to take care of payments that couldn't wait, and since they aren't regulated in the same way bank loans are, they're much easier to qualify for. You still should know how they work and understand why you should get them through our company so that you know what you're getting into.

Learn From Us How Car Title Loans Port St. Lucie Work

The first thing you need to realize about car title loans Port St. Lucie is that they are car collateral loans. A collateral loan means you must pledge an asset to them in exchange for the funds so that they can recoup losses in the event of default on the loan. There are many collateral loans out there such as mortgages, regular auto loans, secured credit cards, and pawn shop or jewelry loans. Car title loans use your vehicle as the asset when you borrow against it. Our car title loans are a little like those other loans because we appraise your vehicle here at Port St. Lucie Title Finance just like pawn shops would appraise your jewelry or other items that you're offering for a loan, or similar to how a bank would appraise your home before letting you take out a second mortgage. We then offer you a loan amount that's a fraction of the appraised value of your vehicle. But here's where it becomes different than some other secured loans.

We only hold onto your title instead of holding the vehicle. Usually in the case of other collateral loans, you'll find yourself needing to make a down payment or deposit to get your funds, or you might need to surrender the collateral to the lender so they can keep it until you pay them back. But with our car title loans Port St. Lucie, we only need to hold the vehicle title so we can put a lien on it. You can keep the vehicle at your home and drive it as you normally would while you're paying off the title loan. You get at least 30 days to repay the title loan, though if you can't make all the payments at once when the due date comes, you can make a minimum payment as specified in your title loan agreement and renew the title loan for another period.

How To Apply

You do have to bring your vehicle to our store in Port St. Lucie because we need to inspect it plus we will have a few documents we will need to verify that you have and and a few documents you will need to sign. The documents you will need to have to adhere to Florida law include the following:

1. A photo ID to prove you are at least 18, and while it doesn't have to be your driver's license, it must be government-issued

2. A document that shows you have income of some kind

3. The official DMV-issued title to your vehicle

It usually won't take long to go over the paperwork at our office, but if you do complete our online application first, your visit will go even faster and you'll get a car title loan estimate to see how much you could borrow against your vehicle. Just remember though that the final amount you can borrow will be determined after we inspect the vehicle.

Why Do Business With Us?

Not only are we local to the Port St. Lucie area, but we are also a registered title loan lender. We want to make sure customers know that when they get a Florida title loan from Port St. Lucie Title Finance, they are getting one from a legitimate and reputable lender. Our store is easy to find in the downtown area, and you're welcome to swing by if you're ready to use a title loan.